RELAY®Pro is designed for maximum
precision and control in the thoracic aorta.


At Terumo Aortic, we follow your lead. That’s why our RELAY® family of devices was
adapted for excellent performance in every patient’s thoracic aorta.

Designed to respect the thoracic anatomy

Dual sheath technology for accuracy and control

Partial expansion allows for predictable and precise deployment

Low Profile without compromise

Relay®Pro offers a low profile system without compromising performance. The platform utilises the same stent design, materials and foundational Dual Sheath Technology of the proven Relay®Plus.

Sources of reduction*

  • 38% profile reduction - Graft Material is a tight woven polyester
  • 14% profile reduction - Optimised radiopaque marker positioning
  • 24% profile reduction - New thin wall coiled primary introducer outer sheath
  • 21% profile reduction - Reduction of inner sheath diameter
  • No change - Identical stents to Relay®Plus
  • No change - Same suture and sewing method as both Relay®Plus and TREO®

* Data on file at Terumo Aortic


You can feel confident at each key step in the endovascular procedure with the advanced engineering of the RELAY® aortic stent graft system.

Low Profile Delivery

Optimised weave pattern and radiopaque markers to reduce profile while maintaining stent-graft integrity and visualisation.

Wide range of Bare Stent and Non Bare Stent options

A more personalised approach

The Relay®Pro system has a wide range of sizes and tapers allowing each patient access to the right solution, every time.

Mechanical Advantage for enhanced precision

Forward and backward gear system enhances control and delivery of the stent-graft, in both directions.

Optimal Seal

Relay®Pro NBS uses an engineered Delivery System to deliver perpendicular landing and optimal stent-graft apposition at the inner curve.

Product Disclaimer

View the IFU for more information on use, indications, contraindications, warnings/precautions and availability within your market. Product availability subject to local regulatory approval.