Fenestrated TREO®

Advancing Fenestrated Horizons

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The All-Encompassing Next Generation Fenestrated Endograft

The Fenestrated TREO platform, based on the TREO Abdominal Stent-Graft System, is a simple trimodular system.

Reliable staged expansion for a controlled deployment

  • Circumferential suture wraps
  • Modified distal clasping to improve torque control
  • Ability to cannulate from above and below
  • Ability to reposition graft while partially deployed

Freedom to Position Fenestrations

  • Up to 5 fenestrations
  • Freedom to position stents and fenestrations as required
  • Reinforced fenestrations with radiopaque tantalum coil NiTinol rings
  • Circumferential radiopaque marker for improved visualisation and alignment accuracy
  • Main body can allow up to 40mm of free space between springs for fenestration placement
  • Fenestration sizes up to 12mm

Optimised Stent Configuration

  • Fully configurable support positioning for optimal fenestration placement
  • Additional sealing stents can be added to provide a longer proximal sealing zone

Cannulation from Above to Include any Access

Circumferential radiopaque marker for improved visualisation and alignment accuracy

Trusted Low Profile Device




  • Reducing ties mechanism allows graft repositioning until completely opened
  • 60cm low profile sheath with hydrophilic coating and flexible tip for easier navigation
  • The mechanical deployment provides controlled and stable stent-graft deployment
  • The clasp mechanism keeps control of deployment and allows precise placement with cranial and caudal adjustment before the bare stent is released

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