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Gelsoft™ Plus

Designed with care, feel the difference with Gelsoft Plus, the knitted aortic repair solution for your patients.

Innovative, purposeful design

Gelsoft Plus surgical grafts have many options available to suit your patient’s aorta.

  • Scaleable range of options designed for historically challenging anatomy

  • Improved handling with increased strength and suture retention1,2

  • Diverse applications that restore flow to the abdominal and peripheral segments

More advantages than a conventional knitted surgical graft

With Gelsoft Plus, you harness the benefits of our unique Köper-knitted fabric. Köper knitting features all the handling and safety benefits of a warp knitted structure plus significantly reduced dilatation.1,2

A gelatin sealed polyester vascular graft 

That demonstrates significantly reduced dilatation when compared to warp-knitted grafts.1,2

Preserves advantages

Of a warp-knitted structure like soft handling and absence of fraying.1

Rifampicin ionic bonding

Option to minimise the possibility of graft infection and related complications.*4

*The rifampicin loading procedure is subject to local regulatory approval and has not been approved in the United States of America, Canada or Singapore.


  1. Walker D et al. (1995). Novel structure for a polyester vascular prosthesis with improved mechanical properties. Society for Biomaterials.
  2. Goëau-Brissonnière OA et al. (2000). Can knitting structure affect dilation of polyester bifurcated prostheses? A randomized study with the use of helical computed tomographic scanning. Journal of Vascular Surgery ;31:157-163.
  3. How TV et al. (1991). Assessment of pressure drop flowrate relationship of axillobifemoral bypass grafts. Proc Inst Mech Eng H. 205:243-249. DOI
  4. Vicaretti M et al. (1998). An increased concentration of rifampicin bonded to gelatin-sealed Dacron reduces the incidence of subsequent graft infections following a staphyloccocal challenge. Cardiovascular Surgery. 6(3):268-273.


Product Disclaimer

Product availability subject to regulatory approval.

An EU Declaration of Conformity may be requested from

Instructions for Use

A Gelsoft™ Plus IFU is supplied with all Gelsoft™ Plus devices. 

Contact a representative 

Discuss your patient’s aortic repair or learn more about our solutions for every segment of the aorta.

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