Custom Relay®Branch

An effective solution for the treatment of aortic arch disease 1,*

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Custom made Relay®Branch enriches the armamentarium for treating patients with thoracic aortic disease. 2

Available in single, double and triple branch configurations.

Delivery system pre-curved inner catheter

aligns the cannulation window for the supra-aortic branches to the outer curvature of the aorta 3

Dual sheath technology

an outer sheath to deliver pushability in tortuous iliac vessels and a flexible inner sheath to provide trackability even in acute and complicated aortic curves 4

Precise proximal landing and progressive apposition

facilitated by proximal clasping and delivery system support wires 4

Rapid cannulation

whilst maintaining cerebral perfusion as a result of large cannulation window 3


100% proximal sealing through mean follow-up 4 years

100% technical success

229±48 minutes mean operative time including cervical bypassing 5

Kudo, T. et al., 2020 Study of 28 patients with single and double branch Relay®Branch

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