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Thoraflex™ Hybrid

Our Hybrid Solutions are a harmonious combination of woven surgical grafts and stent grafts that enable you to address your patient’s aorta.

Experience optimised intervention

When you implant our Thoraflex Hybrid device, you are choosing an intuitive solution for your frozen elephant trunk technique.

  • Increased range of treatment options for your thoracic procedures*

*Distal extension with Relay®NBS Plus Thoracic Stent-Graft or Relay®Pro Thoracic Stent-Graft (NBS configuration); device availability subject to local regulatory approval.

Your solution for complex aortic arch repair

Deliver proven outcomes when treating your patient’s complex aortic arch pathology, utilising our innovative Hybrid Solutions.

Thoraflex Hybrid used for the Frozen Elephant Trunk technique

Allows earlier patient re-warming, reduces myocardial ischaemia, lower-body ischaemia and operating times.1, 2, 3

Choice of Plexus and Ante- flo™ designs

For individual arch vessel reconstruction or the Island Technique.

Gelweave™ Siena collar

Allows easier and safer anastomosis of the prosthesis to the aorta, reducing the haemodynamic traction on the anastomosis.2

Radiopaque markers

Simplify secondary procedures if needed.2

Implantation Animation

Watch the Thoraflex Hybrid implantation animation


  1. Di Bartolomeo R et al. (2014). The Bologna experience with the Thoraflex hybrid frozen elephant trunk device. Future Cardiol. 21(3):117-23. doi: 10.2217/fca.14.56.
  2. Ruggieri VG et al. (2015). Multibranched hybrid device for frozen elephant trunk: what does it change? The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 150(1):253-255. doi:
  3. Maselli D et al. (2016). Frozen elephant trunk with Thoraflex™ Hybrid prosthesis: early results of the prospective THORA-FET registry. AATS Aortic Symposium, USA.

Product Disclaimer

Product availability subject to regulatory approval.

An EU Declaration of Conformity may be requested from

Instructions for Use

View the eIFU for more information on use, indications, contraindications, warnings/precautions and availability within your market.

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Discuss your patient’s aortic repair or learn more about our solutions for every segment of the aorta.

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