Gelweave™ delivers a wide range of solutions for the thoracic aorta.


With our broad portfolio of Gelweave™ products, you’ll find a
solution for your patient's unique aorta.

Designed in collaboration with the clinical community

A wide range of surgical solutions for your patients

May reduce overall operating time1

The ideal OPTION, from the ROOT to the abdominal Aorta

Whether you’re repairing the thoracic or thoracoabdominal aorta, Terumo Aortic offers a trusted woven aortic surgical graft that suits your approach and your patient.


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Instructions For Use

A Gelweave™ IFU is supplied with all Gelweave™ devices. Additional supplementary IFUs are provided based on the individual design of the Gelweave™ device.

Product Disclaimer

Product availability subject to regulatory approval.



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