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Image of Custom Thoraflex Hybrid


Thoraflex™ Hybrid (Custom Made)

Our Hybrid Solutions are a harmonious combination of Gelweave™ woven surgical grafts and stent-grafts that enables you to address your patient’s unique aorta.

Caution: Custom made devices are not available in the USA.


Image of Custom Thoraflex Hybrid Device

Graft Options

Feature Image of Custom Thoraflex Hybrid - Body

  • Length ≤240mm
  • Diameters 22-32mm at 2mm intervals

Graft Options
Side Branch

Feature image of Custom Thoraflex Hybrid - Sidebranch

  • Diameter 10mm
  • Length 150mm *
  • Orientation *
  • Angle to body *
* Customisable within parameters

Graft Options
Arch Branches

Feature Image of Custom Thoraflex Hybrid - Branches

  • Diameters 8/10/12/14/16/18mm *
  • Lengths ≤150mm *
  • Number ≤3 *
  • Angle to body *
  • Distance between branches *
  • Orientation *
* Customisable within parameters

Graft Options
Radiopaque Markers

Feature Image of Custom Thoraflex Hybrid - Radiopaque Marker

  • Maximum of two on main body

Stent as per Standard Product

  • Diameters 24-40mm at 2mm intervals
  • Lengths 100mm and 150mm

Tailored Design

The Custom Thoraflex™ Hybrid programme provides you with options for patients with diverse aortic arch and distal anatomy that may require a customised approach.

Collaborative Service

Our team works hand in hand with you to deliver a customised solution for your patient.
Delivery: 6 weeks from design approval.

“A modification to the standard Thoraflex™ Hybrid design allowed improvement in operating times, complete and continuous cerebral trivascular perfusion, and correct positioning of the intrathoracic vessels.”

Feature Variable Parameters


Length ≤240mm
Diameter 22-32mm

Arch Branches

Diameter 8/10/12/14/16/18mm
Angle Variable
Total 3

Perfusion Side Branch

Diameter 10mm
Angle Variable


Width 12mm

Radiopaque Markers

Total 2
Position Variable

Product Disclaimer

Custom made devices are specifically made in accordance with a written prescription of any person authorised by national law by virtue of that person’s professional qualifications; which gives (1) specific design characteristics provided under that person’s responsibility and (2) is intended for the sole use of a particular patient exclusively to meet their individual conditions and needs.

Custom made devices are not available in the US and availability is subject to local regulatory approval.

Instructions for Use

An IFU is provided with each custom device.

View the eIFU for more information on use, indications, contraindications and warnings/precautions. 

Contact a representative 

Discuss your patient’s aortic repair or learn more about our solutions for every segment of the aorta.

Map of the world

The World’s First Custom Thoraflex™ Hybrid FET Device: Case Report

Severino Iesu presents the world’s first Terumo Aortic Custom Thoraflex™ Hybrid FET device for reimplantation of the supra‐aortic vessels in challenging anatomy.

The design enables correct positioning of the branches in the chest, facilitates sternum closure, improves operating times, and allows complete and continuous cerebral trivascular perfusion.

The content, discussion and opinions expressed in this video are those of the physician and may not be reflective of the approved indications for use of the device, which may also differ by region. Please consult for product indications, contraindications and warnings/precautions.

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