Anaconda™ (Custom-made)

Precision-designed enabling you to treat more patients 1

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Anaconda™ (Custom-made) delivers the flexibility to design the device you require to meet the needs of your patient and your treatment plan.

Prototype system with 3D anatomical model to aid visualisation and case planning 2,3

Versatile positioning and sizing of fenestrations

uncompromised by stents or wires 1,2,4

Repositionable after unsheathing

to aid fenestration alignment and accurate deployment 1,5

Proximal access

enabling the catheterisation of vessels from an upper limb approach 1 & 2


97.6% target vessel patency at 1 year 1

75.8% sac regression, 23.1% stable at 1 year 1

91% freedom from reintervention at 1 year 1

Colgan et al., (2018) Study of 101 patients receiving Fenestrated Anaconda

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